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Domestic Exterior

It’s important to keep up on maintenance to the exterior of your homes as painting surfaces not only protects them from weather damage, erosion, mould, and rust, it makes them look more appealing. That’s particularly important if you’re considering selling in the short to medium term.

House painting in Burnley and surrounding areas

We can help with:

Storm Painting 

We can provide and apply a range of weather-resistant surface treatments that make your home more resilient to storms and weather.


We’re fully equipped to take on work at height and can tidy up the appearance of your property by refreshing your window frames.


Want to up your home’s kerbside appeal? A fresh coat of colour on your doors can make your home feel welcoming and fresh.

Fencing and Sheds 

We’re happy to take on the maintenance of new or existing wooden structures on your property and have a wealth on the best treatments to keep your property in good condition.


Getting your home ready for summer? We offer affordable and easy options for repainting your outside decking to keep it looking great all year long.

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